Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have the ability to greatly impact an individual’s overall well-being and mental health. Often, we picture a child who cannot sit still in class or constantly has to be moving but both of these disorders present in many ways, which makes it difficult for parents to know when to seek treatment.

Children, adolescents and adults all have the capability to experience symptoms of ADD or ADHD and if left untreated a person’s symptoms can lead to disastrous outcomes such as poor decision making, impulsivity, inability to socialize, isolation and problem behaviors.

I am trained in conducting assessments and providing effective interventions to help combat symptoms of ADD or ADHD. If interested, I am able to provide a referral for a psychiatric evaluation in order to determine if medication may be appropriate to lessen the severity of an individual’s symptoms. If you are concerned a loved one may display symptoms of ADD or ADHD, please contact me for a free consultation, as I would be happy to discuss common symptoms and possible treatment options.