Anger Management

Anger is an emotion every single person feels from time to time; however, sometimes for individuals the feeling becomes all encompassing. Anger is our bodies way of responding to external factors. Although anger is simply an emotion, it is likely the result of deeper feelings that are unable to be expressed properly such as sadness, frustration, fear or helplessness.

If your loved ones have complained of “walking on eggshells” around you, you lose patience at the slightest inconvenience or frequently lash out at others, causing harm to those in your life then it may be time to seek help from a trusted professional.
Through therapy, I will work with you to help identify the true feelings behind your anger, process those emotions and teach you how to utilize effective and healthy coping skills to express yourself. You are not alone, and I am not here to judge you. I want you to live a happy life where those closest to you feel safe, even if you are experiencing challenging emotions.