Family and Relational Issues

The ability to develop healthy relationships is a key component to living a fulfilled and happy, whether it be a friendship, romantic relationship or with your family. A healthy relationship consists of two individuals who mutually respect and trust one another; however, I cannot tell you how many people come to me asking “ is this normal” or “ is it okay to accept this kind of behavior” in regards to someone disrespecting them either through name calling, shaming, being mean or showing spite. My answer is always the same, “no it is not okay”. Often, it is assumed you must tolerate disrespectful behavior or abuse from family because, well your family but you absolutely do not. Regardless of their role in your life, I will highlight the importance of refusing to tolerate pain or suffering causes by any one in your life, including family members.

When an individual enters into therapy, I often see they struggle with the ability to set clear, healthy and firm boundaries. Boundaries are required in any relationship, even with close family members. If boundaries are unable to be set and maintained a person often feels taken advantage of, especially if they having difficulty saying no.

My goal is to determine why you may be struggling to set firm boundaries while exploring potential unhealthy relationships in your life. In addition, we will identify your core values and help you develop self-compassion, which will help you reject any form of disrespectful or harmful behavior from others.