Parenting Issues

Parenting is hard. I just want to say that one more time, parenting is really hard. As a mother of two young children, I find myself questioning whether or not it is normal to sneak away to eat cookies alone in my closet. Somedays I don’t know how I will make it to bedtime and then feel guilty that I wished the day away. I desperately want more time with my children but crave space. We put so much pressure on ourselves, but it seems no matter what we do, we never seem to feel as though are enough. Each age offers its own, unique set of challenges. So, while I may not be at the stage where my children think I am uncool, roll their eyes or sneak out of the house, I am able to empathize with you and validate your feelings. As parents we tend to carry the world on our shoulders and don’t think anything of it until one day, we realize we have nothing left to give. We don’t think about our needs but rather focus on our children, their upcoming birthday party, the perfect gift for our spouse, without ever stopping to ask, “am I okay” or “what do I need”?

I am here to listen, validate your frustrations, offer comfort and empathize with you. You are not alone, although it feels very lonely, I am here to help.